The Ice Angel

collage by Susan Legind

The Ice Angel

21 February 2017

All content for the fourth and final booklet in a series season-centric collaborative collage and text projects is in! The text, furnished by an old grade school classmate (St. Margaret Mary 8th grade graduating class of 1983, Milwaukee, Wisconsin), Eric Schwabenlender, arrived by email on Sunday night, the eve of the 4th anniversary of the conception of the Thawt project which spawned these booklets. So there you have it. Something can start quite innocently in the middle of an afternoon and I can be typing about being almost done with it four years later. That’s about how fast things move around here.

With the content in, I am hopeful that I can get it laid out, printed and bound in time for the Madison Print & Resist fair in Madison, Wisconsin on March 25, 2017.

Contributors include: Nikki Soppelsa (U.S.A.), Flore Kunst (France), Susan Legind (Italy), Helene de Winter (The Netherlands), and Filipa Sottomayor (Portugal).

If you would like to keep up with progress on this project and others, there is a new Tumblr blog, and the link is up there in the menu bar, on the right. Thank you for your interest.