22 March 2022
The Oxford adventure lived up to everything I had hoped it would be, and more. Made a few sales, met a few people, and received an award for the Jerome K. Jerome print. A full report will be posted at a later date. I tested positive for COVID-19 the Saturday of my return to “normal life,” and ten days of quarantine provided time write a solid back story for the new 8t Bags book, and a much more thorough About page. Cheers!

Oxford Fine Press Book Fair

27 February 2022
Reporting from Sudbury, Ontario: 44 copies of 8t Bags About The Natural World are bound and covered, ready to pack in the carry-on for the debut trip of The Heavy Duty Press to the Oxford Fine Press Book Fair in jolly England this coming weekend.

20 January 2022
About 3 weeks into the post-Christmas creative season, and work is progressing nicely in the Klubhaus. All type is set for the evolving 8t Bags book project, the annotation numbers have been added to The Pleiades miniature broadside (not posted here or for sale yet), and the first impressions of black ink have been printed on the Jerome K. Jerome broadsides. Hopes are that there will be enough time to finish 8t Bags and Jerome broadsides before crossing the Atlantic for the Oxford Fine Press Book Fair in March.

24 March 2021
It has been a good winter. After three years dedicated to the Typesetting on a Winter’s Afternoon project, home improvement projects and general organization of everything took top priority through January, leaving a little over a month to work on creative projects. The Les Cocobopros project is done. Many copies remain available for sale.

In the United States, things are looking promising regarding the virus, but we also know that this is a pandemic, and other countries may still be struggling to get it under control, and the virus mutates. Please do your best to take good care of yourself, and your neighbors, whatever that means to you.

16 April 2020

Working/playing in Der Klubhaus on Les Cocobopros, a suite of five collaborative collage book projects. Intended to have it done in time to show at the Oxford Fine Press Book Fair in England at the end of March, but no, COVID-19 forced a postponement until late November. Also printed a few new broadsides to take to the fair, along with copies of last year’s Typesetting on a Winter’s Afternoon.

Please take good care of yourself, and keep your distance accordingly. Peace and love be with you during this difficult and transitional time.