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collage by Nikki Soppelsa

21 February 2017

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27 March 2016

A little more than three years ago, I stood on a wooded hillside on a 0° day, and spontaneously initiated a collaborative effort to create a physical book with virtual friends recently made through social media. The entire experience, including all correspondence and journal entries, is documented in Thawt, published in April 2014. Thaw(ing) is a condensed version of Thawt, and represents my original vision for the book.

Thaw(ing) relies solely on collages and text spontaneously solicited from artists living in the United States, Belgium, France, Italy, The Netherlands, and Portugal. Chronologically placed within a photographic timeline, the artists’ contributions to the book create the narrative—one that could not have been written independently. In Thaw(ing), the sequence of imagery and poetry, as random and unrelated as the artists and their work may be, becomes a cohesive story with a common thread—a generous willingness to participate in an impromptu creative endeavor with no real promise of reward.

Collaborators include: (in order of appearance):
Helene de Winter (The Netherlands)
Nikki Soppelsa (U.S.A.) (title collage, above)
Bill Phillips (U.S.A.)
Gary Ortman (U.S.A.)
Brandon Graham (U.S.A.)
Lisa Chun (U.S.A.)
Susan Legind (Italy)
Flore Kunst (France)
Sammy Slabbinck (Belgium)
Barbara Minch (U.S.A.)
Filipa Sottomayor (Portugal)