collage by Susan Legind

21 February 2017

Overdue update! The title, thanks to Bill’s suggestion, has been changed from Autumn Hymn(al) to Autumn(Hymn)al (and we know that’s important and exciting for everyone), and the text was delivered way long ago, in autumn. For real. The book was promptly laid out and prepared for printing, printed, but remains unbound in the office. The intention is to have it bound and ready for sale for the Print & Resist fair in Madison at the end of March. Thank you for your patience.

In the meantime, you may download a free pdf ebook. (Ebook pdfs from The Heavy Duty Press are best viewed on a full size screen with Adobe Acrobat Reader, in full screen mode. To do so, click the link, download the pdf to your hard drive, and open with Adobe Acrobat.)

Contributors include: Nikki Soppelsa (U.S.A.), Flore Kunst (France), Susan Legind (Italy), Helene de Winter (The Netherlands), Gary Ortman (U.S.A.), and Filipa Sottomayor (Portugal).

Special thanks to Amy Ruppel and Larry Geddis, the Oregon-based artists who granted permission for the use of their images in this book.


21 August 2016

Autumn Hymn(al) will be the third in a series of seasonal post card sized and inspired collaborative books, working with the same team that came together to create Thawt in 2014. Bill Phillips (USA) is currently working on the text to complement six collages contributed by friends Flor Kunst (France), Filipa Sottomayor (Portugal), Nikki Soppelsa (USA), Susan Legind (Italy), Helene de Winter (The Netherlands), and Gary Ortman (USA).

These books are first being published in ebook format, and will be available as a limited edition boxed set upon completion of the winter book, yet to be titled.