Alchemy II

Alchemy II?

31 March 2017

This may or may not happen, but it sure is fun to think about. I have fond memories of setting Alchemy book in 2002, and I still enjoy the challenge of making something interesting while I am organizing my stuff. This past winter, as I was streamlining the type inventory and labeling all the type cases in Der Klubhaus, I found myself picking through this one case that was a jumbled combination of two different faces. I’m still not sure what they are. Best way to find out is to stand them up and pull a proof, so I got busy with it one morning.

And about a month later I picked up where I left off and finished up the job. If I’m going to pull a proof of this, it’s seems lazy, almost, not to rearrange it all into something legible, or maybe just something aesthetically interesting…