Les Cocobopros

Job stick with a collage of type for the cover of the slipcase.

Les Cocobopros


100 full color collaborative collages, laser printed on acid free 70 lb Accent Text, in five 36-page books, measuring 178 x 127 mm, pamphlet stitched, with letterpress printed Stonehenge jackets, in an archival slipcase. Limited edition of 26 numbered copies. $350

Standing subscribers and orders postmarked before 20 March 2020 will be extended a 30% discount, lowering the price to $245 ppd

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Cocoborpo is an acronymish word derived from an abbreviation of the phrase “collaborative collage book project,” of which there are five, initiated in 2016, with seven collaging colleagues in North America and Europe:

No. 1: Lisa Chun, Torrance, California, U.S.A.

No. 2: Gary Ortman, Morton, Illinois, U.S.A.

No. 3: William Cody, Trumbull, Connecticut, U.S.A.
Flore Kunst, La Rochelle, France
Musta Fior, La Rochelle, France

No. 4: Francine Martin, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

No. 5: Rhed Fawell, Edinburgh, Scotland

Each book includes 20 collages, collaboratively created through six exchanges of a package of ten 2-sided cards, through the postal service, over the course of a year or two. The artists were invited to add or subtract from the collages, and return them in a suggested sequence, as if the cards would become pages in a book.

Working collaboratively provides both a challenge and reward. With no verbal or written communication as a guide, the artist/composer is forced to relinquish control each time the cards are packaged, sealed, and shipped, and then welcomes with surprise whatever comes back from the hands and mind of another artist. It is a conversation with image selection, placement, and technique, which can be highly entertaining, and at times educational and inspiring.

Sans text, these books reveal the story of a creative process, and express ideas, emotions, and perspectives through the arrangement of cut and torn pieces of the printed ephemera we find in all corners of our lives. As collagists, we use printed (or not) found paper, and sometimes other media, to create subtly balanced compositions, expressing ourselves with apparent chaos. Or, perhaps, in the spirit of the Dadaists, we find beauty in the chaos resulting from random arrangements of the printed matter that clutters our world.

At long last, four years on, the cards have become book pages, and together they create this collection of five independently orchestrated cocobopros. As a suite, unified by their common format, and housed in an archival slipcase, Les Cocobopros is one cohesive work of art, by eight artists who speak collage.

Sample page spread from Cocobopro No. 2 with Gary Ortman

All 100 collages may be viewed under the Collaborations tab on misterkoppa.com