Thawt by Mister Koppa and Friends published by The Heavy Duty Press 2014

18 August 2014

I have initiated a new project that will remain top secret for the time being. Also recently caught up with correspondence (in the middle of the busy cemetery lettering season) enough to pen a letter to Italy regarding the Slowbook project, which is moving very slowly. Looking forward to winter.


8 April 2014

In addition to the presentation about Thawt at the Viroqua McIntosh Memorial Library on Monday, 14 April, I’ll be talking about the book on radio from 9-10 a.m. CST on WDRT Viroqua, Thursday, 10 April.


4 April 2014

I will be giving a presentation about Thawt with a slide show and discussion regarding the creative process behind the project, and the book form as a medium for artists, on Monday, 14 April, at 6:30 p.m. at the Viroqua McIntosh Memorial Library. Copies of the book will be available for purchase, with 33% of sales benefitting the fund for the construction of the new Viroqua McIntosh Memorial Library. Please join us if you can!


18 March 2014

BREAKING NEWS 40 copies of Thawt arrived at the back door yesterday and they look great. Thumbs up for the production team at Bookmobile. 26 copies are spoken for, leaving 14 for sale. Two days left to reserve your copy at a 33% discount!

Read more about this project.


12 March 2014

Sadly, The Hartman Creek Odyssey has been put on indefinite hold due to the inability to obtain permission from Dr. Seuss Enterprises for the use of original Dr. Seuss characters in the collage illustrations. An attempt was made to replace the original drawings with drawings of the same characters by my daughters, but again Dr. Seuss Enterprises said the project would still be infringing on copyrighted material. So…until there is a solution and a good reason to move ahead with this project, we can only wait and see what happens.

Slowbook (March 2014) is also evolving slowly (imagine that). All submissions sent as desktop-printed Word documents have been transcribed by hand. Next step is to scan those hand-lettered submissions into the computer, along with all other hand-written or hand-drawn or collaged submissions, and then arrange/compose the contents.

Both the Alchemy book (2002) and Native Son at Home (2000) are now available for sale on the new Viroqua Creative Workshop web site, as well as the Strength print (2003), which is the only existing letterpress printed broadside set in Earthish, a phonetic alphabet I developed in the late 90s. More items will be uploaded to that site as time permits.

If you would like to see visual proof of what has been keeping me busy lately, a photo album documenting the resurrection of The Heavy Duty Press can be viewed through the Facebook page.