Typesetting on Winter’s Afternoon

Typesetting on a Winter’s Afteroon

by Raymond Stanley Nelson, Jr.
Edited by Mike Koppa

11 February 2017

In brief, this is a manuscript I found enclosed in a letter from Stan Nelson, then Curator of the Print and Graphic Arts Collection at the Smithsonian, in 1998. It was published in Parenthesis No. 3, in May 1999, within a section titled “Fine Presses in the Next Millenium.” I’ve held onto it for almost 20 years, thinking it would be fun to turn it into a book. As I got ready to start printing again, now that the shop is set up for the first time since 2004, I decided this was the perfect project to reinstate the letterpress operation.

With permission, I have edited the original story (taking out some of the more bleak perspectives to keep it “light”), and it was set on a handful of winter afternoons. First proofs were pulled last night, and the results were very satisfactory. Please send your name and address if you would like to receive a prospectus for this book.

You may now follow progress on this project and other creative adventures on the new Tumblr blog. This site will be updated less frequently.

Thank you for looking.