The Heavy Duty Press is a private press, printing for pleasure. It is, by definition, not for hire, but rather functions as a medium for creative expression. Letterpress printed broadsides and limited edition books are designed, printed, bound, and published as often as time permits.

The Heavy Duty Press, established in 2000 A.D. in St. Francis, Wisconsin, follows previous imprints as Kopralaliac Pressure, Inc. (The Sphere, 1993) and Dead Art Limited (Crux, 1996).

Resurrected in 2016, in the cozy confines of Der Klubhaus, in the township of Liberty, Wisconsin, with a strategically limited variety of typefaces and point sizes, and a singular flatbed cylinder press (Vandercook SP-15), The Heavy Duty Press endeavors to create and publish books with themes related to (but not limited to) thoughtful and sustainable living in the driftless region of southwestern Wisconsin and beyond.

Further inquiries, please contact Michael Koppa.

Thank you.